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Johnny Cook

Through residing in San Diego, CA, Denver, CO, Seattle, WA and currently Tempe, AZ I have gained an understanding of my creative vision as an adult. As a child I was scolded with a confused yet proud face from my mother for drawing on my closet doors. She later presented to me a stack of paper and a lecture of how "from now on all your drawing should be done on paper and not the walls which your father has to repaint." Since then I've embraced creativity and art to not only convey an idea to someone else but to understand more about myself. I create to fulfill an inner desire to spark something from nothing. This collection is a culmination of my travels throughout the world., on the surface of the earth and hypothetically through the indefinable universe. My Interests include Travel, Music, Film, Photography, Painting, Drawing, World Wide Web, Philosophy, the Cosmos, and the quest for an original existence. Dreams: a smile, a hug, a hello, a nod of recognition from anyone sharing their glee for living.

I consider myself an innovator whose imagination goes beyond the normal boundaries of acceptable social stigmata. Brought up in the outskirts of San Diego. I, like the pioneers of old, have seen most of the western United States through moving to Denver, Colorado, Redmond, Washington and now reside in Phoenix, Arizona. I also have researched Organic products from clothes to foods for more than a half decade and plan to manifest an organic brand of goods including tree free paper art reprints, clothing and accessories.

I have been a creative force in two bands in San Diego as a singer and student of guitar. Formerly 7 Mary 3, and Sugar Lips. In 1993 Formerly 7 Mary 3 had to change its original name 7 Mary 3 due to a band by the same name from South Carolina, at the time, had just signed a record deal with Mammoth a subsidiary of Atlantic Recording Group. You may have heard of them. This would prove to be the end of our 7 Mary 3. In 1997 the nucleus of Johnny, Weston, and Richie regrouped and formed Sugar Lips with Alejandro and Jesse. Sugar Lips was solely a studio band collaborating a three song yet to released CD single known as Manufacturers Suggested Retail. All three songs can be accessed at www.myspace.com/sugarlipsdemos.

I am co creator of cookedduckartstuff.com with colleague artist John Duckworth. Comprised of tag team roller ball pen collaborations between Johnny Cook and John Duckworth. Autonomic Streamism is our art genre describing our unique style of impulsive, pass the page collection. A free flowing path from brain impulse through pen ink, to paper, following nothing but negative spaces left by the previous entries. It started at a party as a way to to have a group of creative doodlers to pass the time. We had a lot of fun and the results were so appealing, we took it to the next level with a lot of our free time devoted to simply filling pages and spending quality time together. It was the "Öits all in your head" session that really took it to a higher plateau for us. The name Cooked Duck came out of this session as well as the foundation for our product line "crazy-mats", tree free reprints and the ideas for an organic line of Cooked Duck clothing which all is still on the drawing board. We have completed some truly unique drawings over the years and finally have organized our interactive web forum ground works for you to see, and interact with.

I am the host of www.monkeydumb.com an abstract autobiography website. It started as a creative outlet to communicate with my growing mailing list and has evolved to an alter ego and an interactive world wide web diary. The goal was to create a forum of spontaneous creative combustion on paper with drawings, writings, and current Johnny events.

I personally have a quest to impact lives in the deepest ways possible, inspire to create, nurture good friendships, and fulfill the grandest of lifes quests. I have seen only glimpses of success so far, but realize a good relationship with self will transcend to those around me.


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