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Inverted esrevinU

“Life without Pluto” is a series of paintings which represents more to me than their dynamic visual synergy. I have finite proof in the words ahead that I have created a platform of constructive conspiracy. This project is a conscious effort to affect humans with the change I wish to see of the world. I began the construction of this conspiracy of paintings and my inward dialogs regarding these paintings as a perfectly worded concept. As I evolved these paintings and organized these words, I began to sort through the reasons I wanted to impact humanity. During this project, I kept in my mind that what I was working on may convey or confuse those who embody the evidence of my creative journey. I continue to evolve as an artist and visionary. I will hopefully convey my mantra to mankind visually and with written word.

“Life Without Pluto” and “Inverted EsrevinU”

I chose to respect the moment we became aware the planet Pluto was no longer a planet as my Time Zero; a new beginning, a chance, a choice to change. I grew up with the idea that this place called Pluto was defined as a planet and now live in a world where definitions change daily and this planet is no longer. I take this moment personally as a daily mantra of “anything can be accomplished” because there is a new way to define what we have always thought to be true.

I separated with all that is known and drifted into a mind frame outside of acceptable social stigmata. I looked at the symbiotic matter and chose a fictitious point in the Universe to place my intellect upon. This place is my “Inverted esrevinU” (Inverted Universe). I created this imperative perch in the center of our neighboring parallel universe and our formerly known planet Pluto. This abstract residence as a creative platform embodies a general and philosophical understanding of the way I reflect from my presence to the solidarity of humanity. It allows my minds eye to perceive, reflect and create. The result of this vantage point is "Life without Pluto".

My interactions with these paintings created a dialog with myself which allowed me to define them. It also created evidence of my “Inverted esrevinU”.

My first public showing of “Life without Pluto” was at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf® on November 9, 2006. Due to my visual success, I realized evolving this set of paintings as a themed family would also challenge me as a cognitive communicator through written words. I began constructing this concept pondering universal awareness toward Peace, Happiness and an imagined world built upon a perception of fairness for all humans. I was constructively daydreaming with an omniscient problem-solving attitude toward all of our worlds perceived struggles. An intimate interaction with my own intellect led me to realize the essence of these concepts can only truly be understood and collated inside of the collective mind of myself and my love Annie because of two main components. 1. We are the source or conduit to many an abstract understanding of intellectually layered concepts and interpretations of this world and how we fit and interact with it. 2. This is an infinitely diverse microcosm of souls whom all are at the center of their own known universe.

These conclusions lead me to realize that to impact this world with an epidemic of togetherness, this matrimony of man must close their eyes and instantly receive a whole new set of values and understandings to how they fit in. Then all must open their eyes and transform toward a sacred union regardless of their own perceived higher power. From this point my creative quest was born. My inverted universal concept merged with my abstract application and its results. This brought me to a new height of awareness to this my “Life without Pluto” creative platform and Universal understanding,

September 12 and November 9

The date I selected for this series to be displayed at 56 east Bar and Kitchen (September 12, 2007) and Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf® (November 9, 2006) has a puzzle intertwined between.

September 12 was a truly Utopian day or apex of awareness for me. On that day, I was treated as a life worth knowing. I witnessed and participated in public displays of familiarity and kindness that were products of fear and curiosity . I recall being let in at a merging highway interchange and greeted with smiles of perfectly matched numbness. The humility of “…it could have been someone I’m kin to…” bound us all for a brief moment. We all seemed sentient. The blessing of another day was on everyone’s mind. Every single bit of humanity understood what happened. For one day, we metaphorically fit into the Earthly body that represents all humankind. Our human blood stream was nervous and shocked into a world more violent and benevolent. The looming cloud was above but there was a reason to live in everyone’s eyes. We understood that we must stand tall and play our role to maintain relative order toward some sort of “normalcy” to the matrix-like civilization we have become accustomed to. We were bewildered, yet we seemed to be focused on the one thing that made us equal: the reality of a changed world.

November 9, applying my “Inverted esrevinU” to this date took it to 11-9, then…9-11. We hear about 9-11 everyday. Now the world lives to open our eyes with the same naiveté we had at 8:45am Eastern Standard Time. There is a desire to turn back time to that point where humanity had a chance to surprise humans with an ordinary day. Instead, most are living vicariously through their alter internet identity while trying to dodge planes in an effort to stay connected technologically rather than through the synergy of a neighborhood (MySpace vs. the Front Porch.) We are creating an imaginary bubble around our kin with less naiveté but the same objectives as before. The polarization of a twenty-first century social struggle between affluent and indentured is now more illuminated.

I envision this awareness spreading to all who carry their answers as a weapon and influencing them to create a coalition instead of a cold war. I wonder, who could be Everyone’s hero standing tall, blowing the whistle to end the madness and convincing all to disarm themselves? Rather than a person, this hero could very well be a conspiracy of sentient synergy respected by all…a whisper of “Drop your weapons” would be the silence heard around the world.

Can one man make the world better?



“Life without Pluto” in our “Inverted esrevinU” represents to me a new way to approach learning, educating, and interacting with this world. It has been designed to inspire a once-passionate creator to pick up and begin creating the change they wish to see in the world. America and abroad are all in my reach when I can slip into the mainframe of my mind. This process has been exciting, draining, and centering. I hope anyone who chooses to engulf a concept or piece of artwork of mine walks away content in the idea that although the universe is really big, a single held breath can metaphorically silence all noise and can still all motion if time is dissected into a small enough increment.

So much of what we witness is imaginary without cognitive evidence of existence. I wonder…will you be a witness or participant in this infinite galaxy? Will you be a faded memory of someone I once knew? Do we collaborate on something grand? Do we come together and change the world today? I daydream of everyone always acknowledging every human and ponder if that ripple changes our world into a friendlier place. I wonder if anything will change this world into having a civilization that need not raise their hand in anger, revenge, or malice. I wish I could simply yell loud enough to simultaneously signal all to put down their weapons and break bread. Tangent after tangent I sometimes realize things I write and elaborate upon may only make sense to me yet I continue to walk the hypothetical plank to see where it takes me.

A year of creation in my Inverted esrevinU leads me to a show and statement at a 56 east Wine Bistro

At these hosted events I will explore in statement my intricate puzzle put simply : these dates represent a complicated effort to reach out to a “Post 9-11 homeland” in public and divert their attention to a more symbiotic attitude to the human struggle to gain.

Welcome to all who may embrace my creative spirit, my constructive coalition of paintings and written word and may it inspire a ripple of creativity through their existence.


Confidentiality Statement

The information contained in this non collegiate dissertation on Life without Pluto, including attachments, is the confidential information of, and/or is the property of, Johnny Cook. The information is intended for use solely by the individual who dreams to create a better world. One who decides to impact the world with a breath of concerted effort toward making themselves and the world better. One whom, through personal accomplishment, conspires the combustion of creation, synergy and sentient nature. If you are not an intended recipient or you received this in error, then any review, printing, copying, or distribution of any such information is prohibited, and please notify the sender immediately by e-mail to johnnycook@johnnycreates.com and then delete this catalog from your system.


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