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This project was intimately influenced by a body of concisely profound albums. This selected soundtrack varied a bit but always had Pearl Jam “No Code” at the lead. The opening words rolled me into life; a firestorm to burn away an ice age. Eddie Vedder inside the Pearl Jam camp penned an inspiring opening mantra which infused me to the creative task I had at hand in my own undertakings creatively. “Large fingers pushing paint. You’re god and you’ve got big hands.” After hearing those words I am set off…ready to plunge into the abyss of my creative unknown. Never knowing what exactly was going to be the final result in this process always inspired me to press on and accept that mistakes are magic and my perception may be altered unambiguously with an accident.

The music selection would frequently lead into Pearl Jam’s next record Yield and Stone Gossard ’s other band Brad Interiors.

Morphine Yes and Bootleg Detroit were almost always in the mix.

Radiohead Kid A.

The kings of San Diego’s independent music: Rocket From the Crypt Live from Camp X-ray and their extended family of musicians links to the San Diego music scene elite: Hot Snakes and Beehive and the Barracudas. In my opinion Live from Camp X-ray is one of the best post 9-11 records to come out and inspire all who gain the wisdom of the words to stand up, be strong and have conviction in worthwhile dreams and live it to the fullest and always create.

Other San Diego notables were in the mix as well. Pinback's whole collection and their nucleus links to other bands like Three Mile Pilot, Black Heart Procession, Systems Officer.

Another diversion was the Curious George Soundtrack in the mix. It guided me to create like a child; unabridged creative flow in search for the creative unknown.

I listened to a lot of The White Stripes and Jack Whites other band the Raconteurs.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers and their evolution with John Frusciante as a creative cornerstone always tug a creative vision from me to elevate and believe that we all must rise to be the most spiritual one can be. This as a mantra is the essence of a truly inspired life.

I also dove into Beck Guero to great extent throughout this process.

Trey Anastasio and Phish Farmhouse were also mainstays.

I had intimate interactions with all of these notable records . I have evidence of their influence in my memory and on canvas. The way all of this body of work began and morphed into the final results leaves memory of particular musical bursts of symbioses.


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