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The interaction of two or more agents or forces so that their combined effect is greater than the sum of their individual effects.

I put down the pens and picked up squirt bottles filled with latex paint. I thought I was all alone in the creative process to create, reflect and create some more, but with an open embrace from The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf® and the supportive wings of the Keogh Health Foundation. I held my first event “Inverted esrevinU”. I really appreciate the efforts of all whom participated in this show being realized. The event date was 11.9.2007. Since then I have had the fortunate opportunity to develop a style and Series. “Life without Pluto” has the current residence of 56east bar & kitchen and event date is 9.12.

I have always flourished with the help of others as partners in creative combustion. Through conspiracy of creation I have undoubtedly reaped the rewards of a greater learning curve than in simply creating myself..

In music I have the creative outlets of Sugar Lips and Formerly 7mary3. Richie, Weston, Alejandro , Sean, Jesse and the bands we sparked from nothing proves the sum of many creative forces are evidence of Synergy.

In Drawing I have John Duckworth and the Cooked Duck Art Stuff vision as evidence to a creative coalition constructing Synergy.

In digital evolution it has been my mentor and tutor Jeff Kesar. He has been an encyclopedia of information for me to pull from in regards to development of my web world. His virtually 24 hours a day availability has gotten me out of many jams. He has always been a source of creative Synergy.

Now those creative conspirators wait in the wings as I begin to fly. I am thankful and extremely excited to see what we can accomplish. Thank you all for your influence and support.


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